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November 11th Short Film Premier in Ambler - A Healthy Wissahickon

Tue Nov 11, 2014 / Storm Water

A Healthy Wissahickon, Tuesday 11/11

The Wissahickon Creek starts in Montgomery County, and flows some 27 miles through 15 municipalities before draining in to the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. Besides contributing drinking water to the City of Philadelphia, the Wissahickon Creek is a designated trout stream. The park areas and trail systems alongsidethe creek provide recreational opportunities for thousands of residents, habitat for wildlife, and protect the quality of water upon which so many rely. 

Despite all the value the Wissahickon provides, it's under constant stress: inconsistent water flow, erosion, flash flooding, and polluted runoff are threats that many dedicated groups are working hard to control.  


Join us Tuesday, November 11th at the Ambler Theater (108 E. Butler Ave, Ambler, PA) for the premier of a new short film on the Wissahickon Creek. After the screening, you will have the chance to hear from a unique group of panelists about the history of the creek, its challenges and what you can do to participate.

The event is free, donations are welcome and registration is requested.




Julie Slavet- Executive Director, TTF Watershed Partnership
Andrea Welker- Professor, Villanova University
Jeffrey Featherstone- Director, Center for Sustainable Communities Temple University
Barry Lewis- Executive Director, GreenTreks Network
Dennis Miranda- Executive Director, Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association