Delaware Valley Early Warning System

At its core, the EWS has a simple goal: to notify drinking water suppliers and other water consumers along the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers of spills and accidents that occur upstream as quickly as possible. Doing that requires a sophisticated network of over 300 users representing 50 organizations that make up what’s called the EWS Partnership.  Groups within the Partnership can access the system via the EWS telephone hotline, website, or mobile app feature to alert the network about spills and other incidents. High-tech features like real-time water quality monitoring, flood forecasting, and computer models showing how quickly contaminants are moving downstream provide additional information for quick and smart decision making.

As of July 2021, the EWS has helped report 464 events since its formation in 2005!

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Work Group: Pathogens and Point Source

Date of Completion: 2004

Leading Organization: Philadelphia Water Department