Water Suppliers

Water supplies are the source of all domestic water use and are therefore a key component to reducing overall potable water consumption. Water suppliers have opportunities to reduce their water use in all stages of their process including collection, purification, and distribution. Reducing water use not only makes the company more “green”, which is great for the image of the company, but also can save the company money!

Here are a few simple ways that water suppliers can reduce their water consumption:

  • Develop or Update a Source Water Protection Plan - A source water protection plan identifies where your water comes from, what potential threats impact your source water protection area, and actions to protect your water supply. 
  • Conduct a Water Audit - To begin reducing water use, it is first step is to evaluate how much water is being used and lost. Water suppliers can do this by conducting a water audit, which looks at the distribution process and determines where improvements can be made. Any improvement in efficiency will reduce the water lost, energy used, and the cost to the company. 
  • Consistently Check for Leaks - A leak anywhere in the system results in an unnecessary loss of water. Although it can be expensive and time consuming to fix leaks, it saves both time and money in the long run. Even if not all leaks can be immediately fixed, it is still important to be aware of what parts of the system are in need of attention. Focusing on locating and repairing leaks reduces the loss of water, which also reduces the costs to the company overall.
  • Educate Your Customers - Reach out to customers and help them understand their role in protecting water. Educate them on the benefits of evaluating their own water usage to looking for ways to improve water efficiency. Helping customers reduce their water consumption increases the availability of potable water, which is the key to meeting increasing need in the future!

Resources for Water Suppliers