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Grant Program Funder Area of Interest Eligible Region Eligible Applicants Award Amount Date Due
Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production (UAIP) Competitive Grants Program

The primary goal of the UAIP projects is to support the development of urban agriculture and innovative production. The UAIP grants being made available for application under this NFO support planning and implementation activities. Planning activities will initiate, develop, or support the efforts of farmers, gardeners, citizens, government officials, schools, members of tribal communities, and other stakeholders in areas where access to fresh foods are limited or unavailable. Implementation activities will accelerate existing and emerging models of urban and/or innovative agricultural practices that serve multiple farmers or gardeners. Innovation may include new and emerging, as well as indigenous or non-traditional agricultural practices.

Grants can include Planning or Implementation activities:

Planning Activities
Planning activities may include:

  • assessing community needs within the local food system;
  • researching how food is grown, distributed, or marketed and/or recommending safe growing practices such as soil tests and environmental assessments.
  • evaluating how urban agriculture and innovative production can address issues of food access, nutrition, education, conservation, and economic development.
  • creating partnerships to improve growing, distributing and marketing of nutritious food;
  • conducting business planning, feasibility studies, and other strategies, such as community resource development;
  • developing local policy on zoning laws supporting urban agriculture and innovative production; and/or
  • creating educational materials and programs that increase knowledge about food and agriculture and encourage careers in urban agriculture and innovative production;

Implementation Activities
Implementation activities may include:

  • increasing food production
  • promoting agricultural businesses
  • providing mentoring, job training, and resources for underserved populations;
  • implementing best practices to address food access, zoning, composting, land access, soil health;
  • integrating emerging technologies, infrastructure needs (such as access to water and utilities);
  • supporting community education about food systems, nutrition, agriculture production, and environment impact;
  • operating community gardens or nonprofit farms that offer hands-on training in farming or gardening through virtual or web-based formats; and/or
  • providing K-12 schools with educational resources or programs that increase student knowledge and access to locally grown foods.

For new users of, see Section D. of the full Notice of Funding Opportunity for information about steps required before applying via

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USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Area of Interest:
Eligible Applicants:
City or township governments County governments Special district governments Independent school districts Public housing authorities/Indian housing authorities Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized) Native American tribal organizations
Award Amount:
$75,000 - $350,000
National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program

NPS-RTCA welcomes applications from community groups, nonprofit organizations, tribal governments, national parks, and local, state and federal agencies. NPS-RTCA does not provide financial assistance or monetary grants. As a collaborative partner, we provide professional services to help you achieve your conservation and outdoor recreation project vision.

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National Park Service
Area of Interest:
Engagement & Stewardship, Watershed Land Protection
Eligible Region:
Eligible Applicants:
ommunity groups, nonprofit organizations, tribal governments, national parks, and local, state and federal agencies
Award Amount:
March 1, 2024