U.S. EPA Small Drinking Water Systems Webinar - Technical Assistance for Lead

May 21, 2024 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Join EPA for this 2-part webinar focused on addressing lead in small community water systems. Click here to register

Service Line Inventory Technical Assistance for Small Community and Non-Community Water Systems in Wisconsin

Nearly 2,000 public water systems in Wisconsin, over 90% of which serve a population of 3,330 consumers or less, are regulated by the Lead and Copper Rule and the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions. Many of these small public water systems do not have staff with the technical expertise required to complete a service line inventory, nor the financial resources required to hire someone. This presentation will provide an overview of Wisconsin DNR’s approach to providing service line technical assistance to small community and non-community public water systems. The multi-pronged approach includes hiring limited-term employees to conduct on-site materials inspections at non-transient non-community water systems, and hiring a contractor to provide individual on-site assistance with records review to hundreds of small community public water systems. Successes so far, lessons learned, and collaborative partnerships will be highlighted.


Lead Service Line Identification, Replacement Planning, Community Engagement, and Funding Technical Assistance Programs

This presentation will include an overview of how EPA Water Technical Assistance (EPA WaterTA) can support communities with their efforts to achieve clean, safe, and reliable drinking water. It will then dive into two of EPA WaterTA’s programs focusing on the removal and replacement of lead service lines: the Lead Service Line Replacement Accelerators Program and the Get the Lead Out (GLO) Initiative. Information on how communities can request WaterTA will also be shared

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