Tourism, manufacturing, food production, power generation and clothing production all require water for their production process. Incorporating sustainable and environmental friendly practices into everyday business helps attract people to generate more revenue while also saving money!  

Tips for businesses to save money while also reducing water consumption:

  • Identify and Fix Leaks as Quickly as Possible - Leaking pipes, faucets, and toilets all waste water unnecessarily. Start periodically checking for leaking water and promptly fix leaks that are identified.
  • Switch to Water-Friendly Landscaping Practices - For businesses that have private landscaped ground, consider switching lawns to native plants. Native plantings help capture and clean more stormwater, which helps reduce flooding. Sustainable landscaping practices also require less maintenance and pesticides than a traditional lawn, which reduces the landscaping costs to the business. 
  • Replace Old Appliances and Bathroom Facilities with Water Efficient Ones - As old appliances and bathroom fixtures break and need replacing, consider investing in ones that use less water. This could include sink faucets, dishwashers, washing machines, and toilets to name a few. Rating such as EnergyStar and WaterSense indicate energy or water efficient appliances, so be on the lookout for these and other similar ratings when shopping for replacements. Installing low flow toilets can save a business several gallons of water per flush! 
  • Keep Your Trash to Yourself - Even if your business may seem far from a water body, trash and other waste improperly disposed of could still end up polluting local water. Always make sure that trash and recycling cans are conveniently located to reduce the quantity of litter thrown on the ground. Also, make sure you cover all trash and chemical containers to prevent rainwater from flowing through them and collecting up pollution. Any water that runs down a storm drain could end up in drinking water, so do your best to keep pollution away from water.
  • Educate Employees and Partners - It only takes a few minutes to share sustainable practices with the people in your business. Create a workplace that values water conservation and help to share this with your business partners!

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