Luft Farm

This project is located in Perry Township and is one of five Schuylkill Action Network projects in the Maiden Creek watershed. An agriculture easement for this farm requires the farmer to follow both conservation and grazing plans that ensure the future restoration and conservation of this property.

Best Management Practices were completed on this farm focusing primarily on stormwater issues and control. Approximately 250 feet of rain gutters and downspouts were installed on the barn and barnyard shed. 200 feet of rain leaders were constructed and connected with a lined outlet that bypassed the main cattle use area.

The final BMP installed was a concrete cattle walkway over the barnyard and the newly installed outlet. This walkway allows cattle movement within the barnyard as well as between pastures that reduce impact with stormwater control systems and ultimately sedimentation into the watershed.


Work Group: Agriculture

Source of Funding: Schuylkill River Restoration Fund, Schuylkill Watershed Initiative Grant

Cost: $34,282