Zimmerman Farm

The Zimmerman dairy farm is an 176 acre farm with over 300 cattle located in the Saucony Creek watershed.

The Saucony Creek flows into the Maiden Creek and into Lake Ontelaunee, which provides the drinking water for over 125,000 people in and around the City of Reading before flowing into the larger Schuylkill River

The projects installed include:

  • A liquid manure storage tank that contains 6 months of manure from over 300 cattle.
  • Two dry manure storages.
  • Rain gutters and lined outlets to divert clean rainwater from mixing with manure.
  • Barnyard controls and alleyways to control how the manure is transferred to storage areas.



Work Group: Agriculture

Source of Funding: Schuylkill River Restoration Fund

Date of Completion: 2014

Leading Organization: Berks Nature