How EPA’s Water Infrastructure Planning Tool Can Help Utilities Engage Community & Make Cost-Effective Multi-Benefit Investments

June 20, 2023 1:00pm to 1:00pm

On June 20th 2023, tune in to learn about EPA’s Augmented Alternatives Analysis, a systematic, easily explainable, and transparent process to engage community stakeholders, explain technical analysis, and quantify and compare economic, social, and environmental benefits to make optimal investments and address the challenges and expectations of modern-day project decision-making.

As part of this webinar, you’ll:
• Learn about how Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority used the process to identify an optimal and cost-effective mix of green and gray infrastructure to support their long-term control plan
• Understand how the process can help your utility identify and evaluate the full range of potential social, environmental, and economic benefits these long-term investments can yield.

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